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Index of Questions

How do I get a user account to log in? 

If you are part of an organization that will need multiple user accounts to log in to this website, your best option is to sign up for an account on the ConneX Server, create your organization (or join it if it already exists), then have your organization request accounts for this website from there. This option is especially good if you wish to log in to multiple eGram websites, as you can request accounts at each. Otherwise, you may contact St Louis County Public Works Department directly and ask for a user account.

How do I become a plan holder for a project? 

If you would like to bid, view, or see the planholders list on this project, please refer to the Bid Express website at . All contractors will be required to submit bids electronically through Bid Express. To become a planholder for a project, you must "Select for Bidding" in Bid Express. There is not a fee to become a planholder.

Why is my district taking so long to load? 

To optimize the use of eGram, the counties and cities must ensure that their eGram servers are operational. If you are getting a long load time when viewing your district, one of the eGram servers in your district might be experiencing problems. The server may be down or misconfigured, or may be having network issues. You may want to notify the owners of the server to make them aware of the problem.

Why am I getting a message about cookies being disabled? 

If you are getting a "Your browser is not currently set to accept cookies" message or something similar, please check that your browser is configured to accept cookies.

Resolution for Internet Explorer

Navigate to Tools > Internet Options > Click on the Privacy tab

Adjust the slider to "Low" or "Accept All Cookies"